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2021 - August: Modifications of "My froach" area

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In August 2021, we restructured the "My froach" area. This is going hand in hand with a slightly changed menu navigation: From now on you will find the menu items Settings and Help as well as Logout and the language settings under "My froach".
This makes navigation much easier for you. Language settings can now be adjusted directly in the menu with one click. Under "Settings" you will find three tabs: Account, Profile and Reminders.
- Account: Here you can set your password and your time zone. You can also subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter and delete your froach account. You can also download our privacy policy.
- Profile: Here you can see all your froach achievements: You define your daily goal, have a look at your weekly statistics and receive running medals. You can also define your optional username here.
- Reminders: Here you can set your froach reminder emails as usual. And use our newest feature: the integration into the Outlook calendar!