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April 2022: That's why froach is going for the four-day week.

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You know it: froach specialises in health in the workplace.

Of course, we also live this philosophy in our own company. 

We see the advantages of the four-day week in this:

Promoting employee health Long working hours and little time for private life lead to stress and health problems. More scope for things like self-care and sport keep the team healthy and happy. The entire company benefits from the resulting decrease in absenteeism. 

Work-life balance as a competitive advantage - Studies show:

More and more people want to spend less time at work. The younger generation in particular values personal development in their private lives. The four-day week improves the work-life balance and thus ensures a decisive competitive advantage for companies looking for skilled workers. 

Four-day week increases productivity

An experience that not only the froach team makes: the four-day week usually increases motivation as well as commitment. Many people are more satisfied in their jobs thanks to the free time they gain. Long working hours, on the other hand, can lead to concentration problems.