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How can froach help me?

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Hours of sitting, staring at the screen, deadline pressure - working in the office often demands a lot from the employees. 

It is not uncommon for breaks and physical compensation to be neglected. 

Our short breaks contribute to physical and mental health and strengthen the general well-being. 

froach offers you a versatile range of exercises and has been deliberately developed for short breaks, i.e. two to three minute movement and relaxation sequences.

Five good reasons to use froach regularly: 

1. After a break you feel awake and concentrated. 

2. Regular exercise in between, activates your metabolism and you can prevent diabetes mellitus.

3. Short breaks put you in a good mood and help you to forget stress for a moment.

4. Our exercises can reduce muscular tension and headaches.

5. With our learning platform EduHub you will acquire health skills.