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What does froach offer?

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Using our froach platform is very easy. Just log in to your froach account with your company email address and a password of your choice in your corresponding company licence.

Short breaks

In the navigation you will find our short breaks. Each short break contains four thematically clustered exercises and lasts about two to three minutes. The little time out for in between.


Under "Exercises" you will find all froach exercise videos individually. Thanks to the filter you can easily select the body region, exercise type and exercise environment you need.


In "Favourites" you can create your individual exercise program. If you click on the star of a short break or an exercise, it will be saved as a favourite. If you click on the star again, you remove them from your favourites. This way you can easily create your own break program. 


The EduHub is our learning platform within your froach application. Here you will find a lot of background knowledge, tips and tricks about health, psychology and exercise in the form of EduClips and EduPapers. In these short videos or articles, we want to teach you health awareness and help you with your everyday challenges. 

My froach

Under "My froach" you can find additional individualisations like reminders, daily goal or language settings. We recommend you to set daily reminders. This way you can be sure that you won't forget your short break. Also, set yourself a daily goal. You stay motivated and can see your progress in the statistics. That makes froach even more fun!