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2022 - May: Just switch off for a while

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Do you have a smartphone on which you can always be reached? 

What may seem like a blessing at first is actually more of a curse for our psyche. Because smartphones make us constantly reachable - and we are expected to be constantly reachable. 

The constant pressure of accessibility thus accompanies us outside of our working hours, perhaps even on our weekends or at dinner. Push notifications and reminder tones on mobile devices don't make it any easier to simply leave the phone behind.

Our tip: 

For a decelerated and relaxed working day, it is important to switch off sometimes - in the literally true sense of the word. Switch off your smartphone for 10 minutes, or set it to flight mode, and observe how it feels to be unavailable. At best, you'll be able to arrive in the here and now in no time at all. 

Your work-life balance will thank you!